How To Achieve Celebrity Status

By Pia Silva Forbes contributor and Author of "Badass Your Brand"

I Want Celebrity Status!


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In the meantime, you can't build authority until you have clarity on what you're building authority ON, which requires knowing your Badass Brand. Take the Masterclass and learn how to achieve Freelancer Freedom with a Badass Brand. 

Set yourself up for marketing success the Badass way using the same strategy as every high-profile expert!

This Bootcamp is based on what I spent 3.5 years figuring out which landed me a column on Forbes, a best selling book with hundreds of 5 star reviews, thousands of people on my email list, and opportunities to speak on stages, and even on a reality TV show.

If I could go back and do it all again, knowing everything I know now, this bootcamp is how I would cut that time down to 12 months. 

The struggle is real...

No one knows what the F@#k to do for marketing!

  • There are too many options!
  • How do I choose the right strategy?
  • Facebook ads are confusing and costly!
  • Will it be a waste of my time & money?
  • How do my efforts turn into profit?
  • How long do I try before cutting losses?
  • What do monthly services actually do?!
  • Do I have to invest once or forever?
  • How does a nobody get opportunities?
  • All marketing is garbage! How is mine going to be any better?

The harsh truth... 

Your marketing WILL be a waste of time & money unless you...

  • Know how to communicate your difference from the competition
  • Understand your marketing message well enough to write your own content.
  • Know how to make content that engages and delights! Or as I would say, Badass ;)
  • Have content that shows you're the obvious A-lister authority in your space.
  • Have a clear, affordable, realistic strategy for marketing that you're commited to.
  • Know what you want your audience to actually DO once they engage.
  • Have a plan for how your audience is going to turn into $$$ down the line.  

At the end of the Badass Authority Bootcamp you will:  

Finally understand what a marketing strategy is in plain english and have one that you know will work.  

This means you’ll understand the point of marketing, where you should and shouldn’t put your effort, and how each effort will bring more clients and opportunities to you (a specific, repeatable marketing strategy and methodology).  

Have the foundation of your unique content messaging and understand how to apply it to marketing:

You’ll know the topics that make YOU special and what ALL your marketing content should focus on so that you are not completely reliant on technology or tactics to sell. 

You’ll actually have all of your foundational content.

Even if you do nothing else to market yourself after you complete this program you’ll still have foundational content that will help every ideal client that comes to you see you as the go to expert, building your authority and making them much more likely to close, and happier to pay you higher, premium prices. 

Be prepared to capitalize on your dream opportunities: 

Once you do this work, your opportunities immediately increase. NOW you have a framework for choosing where to put your marketing efforts, or how and where you should spend your money. This will make you somebody in your space. This opens doors and creates opportunities. People will want the authority you’ll present.  

"I have spent over $250,000 and uncountable hours over the years learning, trying and testing all of these strategies, and the Badass Authority Bootcamp is all of that information culled down into the most user-friendly process, cutting out all the BS that didn’t work." - Pia Silva  

This isn't MY system, this is THE system

This is the srategy that anybody who is anybody has done and currently practices to continually build their authority and star power online. It opens doors, attracts all kinds of new clients and opportunities, and gives you the freedom to choose how you want to spend your time so you can live your life doing what you love.


In order to make the move from “secret-status” to “celebrity-status” there is one critical thing you need: content.

Duh... But what the Authority Bootcamp has that no other course does is how to make your content BADASS! A proven process of making content that people notice, remember and share. Since all the information you would ever need is available to everyone now, it isn’t enough to just to copy templates and techniques. The world is full of people phoning in the work. If you commit to doing this for yourself, and doing it really well, you cannot lose. 

The Bootcamp will reopen mid 2020

10 LEVELS OVER 12 WEEKS: Each week I will share a new lesson with to do's for the following week.

ACTIONABLE WORKSHEETS Each lesson will have worksheets and action items to keep you on track.  

PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP The closed Facebook group will be for any and all of your questions, sharing work and to help keep you accountable throughout the bootcamp.

LIVE QUESTION & ANSWER There will be live Q&A sessions to answer all of your questions 

ACCESS FOREVER You will have access to the videos and content of the program forever after, as well as any updates we make to the program hereafter.

"If you are an expert in your field the world is your oyster. Now is the time to stop sitting on the sidelines and instead get in the game. As saturated as it might feel, once you’re on the field you will see there is plenty of space for you to dominate."

If you are READY to become a force to be reckoned with, then the Badass Authority Bootcamp is for you.